Web Design, Development, Hosting
 and Consulting since 1997!


Web Design, Development, Hosting and Consulting; Especially for Small Businesses!

We specialize in Websites for even the smallest of small business, but have worked with some of the giants too.

If you are a small business owner and are thinking of one of those "free" Websites; we are actually less expensive and we do the work! If you do not have the time or passion to master yet another technology, then see our services page for more info.

Since 1997!

Wow, 20 years!

From animated gifs to animated elements. From table layouts to flex CSS. From WML (Wireless Markup Language) "cards" to  Parallax websites (what you are on now). From having to code for 2 main browsers to code that might show up on anything!

No matter how the Web, or the "Internet of Things", changes; we have been there and are eager to see what the next 20 years brings!


We are truly local, in Indianapolis, Indiana. U.S.A. Not some far flung, off shore pretending to be local.

We use clean code only (check the HTML and CSS validation links at the bottom of the page!). We never use "tricks", or other nefarious means, that can lead to your site being delisted from the major search engines.

Sites are coded for cross everything. Feel free to test us on any of your modern devices.

We never try to upsell you on stuff you do not need. Just because we can do it, does not mean you need it!

Why .NET and not .COM?

Back in the day, only those that had a hand in developing the Net (which the Web is a part of), could get a ".NET" domain. Today we equate its meaning to our serious commitment to your Website!


Web Design, Development and Hosting Especially for Small Businesses!

Our $250 Biz Card™ sites (follow link, that opens in a open browser instance or tab, to see this site as a Biz Card site!) are perfect for the smallest to medium size businesses. They are custom made with your supplied information, logo and color choices to work on a wide array of devices!

So what does the $250 get you?

  • A Biz Card Website (3 pages, 250 words per page).
    • Home page: Selling points. Keywords and phrases to be found under. Facebook, Twitter and other social media links/integration.
    • Service/Product page: Up to 25 services or products can be listed. Link to your own online store (I.E. Amazon, eBay, etc.). Satisfied costumer quotes.
    • Contact page: Contact information. One submission form (to thwart spam, we highly suggest using one, instead of an email link).
  • If you are not already listed on Bing and/or Google Maps we do that too!
  • Hosting for one year ($100 per year after that. Yes, that means you are actually paying only $150 for the site, but we refuse to shock you with extra fees!)
  • Phone number that is actually answered, not a voice mail catch all.
  • If you need help obtaining your domain name, we are there for that too! Please note: You will have to pay for your own domain name (normally under $20). This is for your own good, because that way you own it, not someone else!
  • Structured Data Markup. Of course we include this too!

At this point you are probably asking what the catch is. Well there is none! That is all you truly need for people to find your business! In today's word you do not want to pile on to the information overload we all are under. Keep it simple! It used to be said that "content was king" on the Web, well there is an overwhelming amount of that now, so being concise is the new royalty.

Hourly and in Person Service

Our hourly rate is $25 an hour. (1 hour minimum, then $6.25 per 15 minute increments after that).

If we have to leave our comfy desk environments and come to you, then there is a $50 trip charge, but the 1 hour minimum is waived and goes straight to 15 minute increments, after the first hour.

Please note: this is only available in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. Meaning, Marion county and any county touching Marion county and is only available to already established clients!

More Advanced Services

We of course offer more advanced Websites. Current and/or previous clients needed ecommerce or are artists, authors, international publishing companies, to mention a few types of clients that need social media monitoring to weekly updating, private member's only areas, more "WOW!" factor to their Website, consultation or a second opinion.

To all of these and more, charging an hourly rate would be cost prohibitive. So the best thing is just to contact us and we can try and get to a packaged price that makes everyone happy.


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