Web Design, Development, Hosting and Consulting; Especially for Small Businesses!

We specialize in Websites for even the smallest of small business, but have worked with some of the giants too.

If you landed here, you are on a presentation of our site as a Biz Cardâ„¢ site. feel free to stay here or visit our real site. Both are fully funtional.

If you are a small business owner and are thinking of one of those "free" Websites; we are actually less expensive and we do the work! If you do not have the time or passion to master yet another technology, then see our services page for more info.

Since 1997!

Wow, 20 years!

From animated gifs to animated elements. From table layouts to flex CSS. From WML (Wireless Markup Language) "cards" to  Parallax websites (what you are on now). From having to code for 2 main browsers to code that might show up on anything!

No matter how the Web, or the "Internet of Things", changes; we have been there and are eager to see what the next 20 years brings!


We are truly local, in Indianapolis, Indiana. U.S.A. Not some far flung, off shore pretending to be local.

We use clean code only (check the HTML and CSS validation links at the bottom of the page!). We never use "tricks", or other nefarious means, that can lead to your site being delisted from the major search engines.

Sites are coded for cross everything. Feel free to test us on any of your modern devices.

We never try to upsell you on stuff you do not need. Just because we can do it, does not mean you need it!

Why .NET and not .COM?

Back in the day, only those that had a hand in developing the Net (which the Web is a part of), could get a ".NET" domain. Today we equate its meaning to our serious commitment to your Website!